Saint Alban’s Episcopal Church
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The Episcopal Church Welcomes You
2321 Lumpkin Road, Augusta, GA  30906-3014  Voice:  (706) 798-1482; Fax:  (706) 798-8720
2321 Lumpkin Road, Augusta, GA  30906-3014  Voice:  (706) 798-1482; Fax:  (706) 798-8720

Schedule of Services

Sunday, 9:00 am, Rite II, with music

Schedule of Services

Sunday, 9:00 am, Rite II, with music
Welcome to St. Alban's Church. We are a growing, lively parish church, comprised of many ethnic groups, parents and children, single people, older people, the poor and the not so poor, all gathered here to worship God and to share something of our lives with each other. This diversity enriches us all, and each person's special individual talents and presence are wanted and needed.

~The Very Reverend Billy Alford~

St. Alban’s Episcopal Church
2321 Lumpkin Rd.
Augusta, GA 30906

Christmas at St. Albans’s Episcopal Church

Augusta, Georgia  30906

The Christ is born

Christmas at Midnight

December 24, 2015 at 11:00 pm

First Sunday after Christmas

December 27, 2015

Eucharist, St. Alban’s Entertainment and Brunch


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